Acoustic Piano Stores Washington DC

Local resource for acoustic piano stores in Washington. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to piano experts who can help you navigate piano repair, piano tuning, and piano refurbishment, as well as advice on upright pianos, concert grand pianos, baby grand pianos, spinets, new pianos and used pianos.

Gordon Keller Music
(703) 548-8833
717 N Saint Asaph St
Alexandria, VA
Types of Instruments Sold
Acoustic Piano, Digital Piano, Organs, Band & Orchestral, Guitars & Fretted Instruments

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Boyds Pianos
(703) 698-8188
2931 Gallows Rd
Falls Church, VA
Types of Instruments Sold
Acoustic Piano

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Gibson Guitar Inc
(202) 393-1006
709 G St NW
Washington, DC
Jordan Kitts Music
(301) 513-1267
9520 Baltimore Ave
College Park, MD
Types of Instruments Sold
Acoustic Piano, Digital Piano, Organs

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Boyds Piano
(301) 738-8450
1000 Taft St
Rockville, MD
Types of Instruments Sold
Acoustic Piano, Digital Piano

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A Music Store
(202) 244-7326
4530 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC
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Acoustic Pianos

Acoustic pianos may include a concert grand piano, baby grand piano, spinet piano or upright piano. The piano is a musical instrument played by a keyboard. An acoustic piano store may perform services such as piano tuning, or piano refurbishment and is staffed by piano experts familiar with musician needs who play and perform on this instrument.

When you play an acoustic piano you press on the key on the piano’s keyboard which causes a hammer to strike the strings, which are usually made of steel. This action vibrates the strings to create the sound. This is why piano tuning of the strings is so important, so that you keep that sound quality over time and use. The word piano itself is a shortened version of the Italian word for instrument, pianoforte. The individual term “piano” means quiet, while “forte” means loud. This refers to how the piano is played and the keyboard keys and hammers react with the strings of the instrument. The pianist creates vibrations by creating louder or softer notes by the force of the hammer’s depression onto the strings. A good acoustic piano store staffer can show you this action in motion.

Many old pianos such as spinet and baby grand pianos can be restored through piano refurbishment by piano experts. There is nothing to a classical musician quite as precious as a beautifully restored concert grand piano or the upright piano they learned on in their youth which still remains capable of playing a piece with in tune resonant sound frequency years later.

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