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We asked a mobile panel of verified Avis customers in Barre, VT to share their experience with their local Avis. This is a page built by content provided by Barre, VT consumers for the benefit of Barre, VT consumers.

Avis Review

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Submitted on 8/19/2013 at 4:28 PM

In which city and state did you visit Avis?

Washington, New York, Texas

People rent cars for all sorts of reasons. They could be traveling, just need a car to go grocery shopping, or renting a temporary vehicle while their car is at the mechanic's. Why did you rent from Avis?

Travelling, Business

Why did you choose Avis?


How did Avis help you get where you needed to go? (Did Avis personnel have what you needed, where you needed it? How did your rental car perform?)

The car worked well, it was a good deal!

If a friend asked for your opinion of Avis, what would you tell them?

I would recommend.

Hertz - 1335 Shelburne Road HLE
(802) 859-3601
1335 Shelburne Road
Burlington, VT
Mo-Fr 0730-1800, Sa 0900-1200, Su Closed
Special Services
Child Seats, Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers Only , Replacement Rentals When your car is in the shop for repairs.Insurance/Body Shop and Dealership/Service Center replacement rentals available at this location.for replacement rental reservations., Ski Equipped Vehicles, Gold Counter Service , Pickup/Return Service:Available with a one hour advance notice and within 15 minutes from the Hertz Local Edition location. Contact the location to arrange for Pick Up service.
Additional Information
After Hours - After hour returns are allowed.

U-Haul Company
(336) 226-6136
812 Plantation Dr
Burlington, VT
Enterprise Rent A Car
(336) 229-0336
2326 N Church St
Burlington, VT
Ray Mini Storage
(336) 227-3677
141 N Beaumont Ave
Burlington, VT
U-Haul Company
(336) 437-0509
2105 N Church St
Burlington, VT
Avis Rent A Car
(336) 227-3260
3441 N Aviation Dr
Burlington, VT
U-Haul Company
(336) 229-1118
1550 Industry Dr
Burlington, VT
U-Haul Company
(336) 227-0223
2528 N Church St
Burlington, VT
Hertz - Rutland Airport
(802) 775-3353
1002 Airport Road
Rutland, VT
Mo-Fr 0800-1800, Sa-Su 0900-1600
Special Services
Child Seats, Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers Only

Penske Truck Rental
(336) 584-9142
866 Huffman Mill Rd
Burlington, VT
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