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Local resource for evaluating career coaching in Westborough. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to career coaching, career counseling and career coaching programs, as well as advice on skills assessment, resume writing, job interviewing techniques, business etiquette and job searching strategies.

Meredith DiMola
(617) 458-1744
Natick, MA
Coaching Types
Career, Life
$125 or packages see website/Hr

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Lisa Susan Borchetta, MACP, MCCACC
(508) 366-2003
12 Boardman St.
Westborough, MA
Mr. Mark A Lockett, Sr.ACC
(215) 630-6203
2 Rocky Woods Road
Hopkinton, MA
Monica Molina Austin, MBA
508.460.1131, 508.460.1131
12 Woodbury Rd
Southborough, MA
Ms. Kate Hyland Mercer, MS
508.281.6486, 508.281.6486
6 Maple Street Suite 205 Northboro
Northborough, MA
Ms. Linda Arena, CPO-CD
(508) 353-2170
Westborough, MA
Dr. Margaret Catherine Laneri, Ph.D., CPECACC
508.259.3376, 508.259.3376
166 South Street
Upton, MA
Ms. Jean McHugh Papagni,
(508) 625-1035
7 Blackthorne Circle
Hopkinton, MA
Marilyn Ann Taylor
508.460.0044, 508.481.2772
22 Flagg Rd
Southborough, MA
Tracy Austin Tranter
(508) 887-6651
68 S. Quinsigamond Ave Unit 4
Shrewsbury, MA
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Career Coaching

Career coaching is one of the most important career counseling activities you can pursue. Career coaching programs can help teach you about resume writing, job interviewing techniques, job searching strategies and all important business etiquette that you will need to both interview for an obtain a career position. Career coaching is very similar to high school and college counseling which you may have encountered in the past. However, the difference is that career coaching programs don’t focus so much on obtaining skills that train you for your career, but skills that will train you how to get a job and keep it.

Resume writing can make or break a job interview. It is your paper or digital representation of yourself and is essentially a brand of “you”. However, even with a stand out resume, if your job interviewing techniques aren’t up to par you could still lose out to lesser qualified candidates. That’s why learning about business etiquette and how to handle yourself in particular situations is so essential to finding and keeping a job and why you should seek out career coaching once you’ve set your mind on a position.

Career coaching programs should encompass job searching strategies, but without all the other important elements mentioned is not really career coaching. A comprehensive program of education about how to prepare for the job market, as well as what to expect when you get there is essential. Career counseling is a great way to get exactly what you need in a professional manner.

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