Career Counseling Clayton NC

Local resource for evaluating career counseling in Clayton. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to career counseling and career planning, as well as advice on skills assessment, resume writing, job interviewing techniques, business etiquette and job searching strategies.

Christine Brunet
(919) 529-4161
Raleigh, NC
Coaching Types
Business, Career, Leadership

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Julie KoseyPCC
(919) 772-2260
213 Foley Dr
Garner, NC
Penelope Kay Gardner
877.441.9883, 919.237.3499
9004 Winged Thistle Ct
Raleigh, NC
Colleen Mary SlaughterACC
919.521.4945, 919.455.3389
1009 Wade Avenue #465
Raleigh, NC
Elizabeth Love BellingrathACC
919.368.8646, 919.269.2790
9740 St Johns Church Rd
Zebulon, NC
Dr. Laura Taylor, CPECPCC
(919) 630-2842
482 St. Jiles Dr.
Clayton, NC
Kathleen O''Grady, ACC, CTC, ELI-MP, Chapter PresidentACC
(919) 608-7583
7744 Winners Edge Street
Raleigh, NC
Ms. Marianna Partrick ClampettACC
919.244.8192, 919.361.0627
10600 Golf Link Dr
Raleigh, NC
Sherry Essig, CPCCPCC
(919) 834-6960
1907 Saint Marys St
Raleigh, NC
Sackeena Gordon-Jones, BS, BCCPCC
919.395.2537, 919.531.3348
Raleigh, NC
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Career Counseling

Career counseling can help you with skills assessment, resume writing and job interviewing techniques. You will also be able to learn about the proper business etiquette as well as career planning and job searching strategies to assist you in getting the position you want in the workforce. Many schools such as colleges and universities offer free career counseling to students, or you can hire a professional or non-profit mentor such as someone from the Small Business Association or SCORE who is willing to offer their expertise.

Career planning isn’t just about what you want to do in life – it’s about how to get there successfully. That means you have to think about education and skills assessment first. Without the right skill set you won’t get the job you desire. Once you have your education behind you, then there are still hurdles to your dream job that you will have to conquer.

For many people, the hardest things to learn are job interviewing techniques and business etiquette. This is particularly true of older workers switching jobs because so much in the world has gone digital and changed the rules of business over the past decade. Even resume writing has gone digital with emailed resumes and curriculum vitae posted on blogs and job networking sites. Career planning is a useful skill, but you also have to be able to take that skill to the new media and career counseling can really help job seekers and career changers in this area of workforce development.

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