Student Loan Beaverton OR

Local resource for evaluating college financing information in Beaverton. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to student loans, private student loans and educational lenders, as well as advice on college financing information, financial aid, federal financial aid and student loans.

Sterling Savings Bank
(503) 296-9753
9755 Southwest Barnes Road, Suite 105
Portland, OR
Forest Park Federal Credit Union
(503) 228-2106
P.O. Box 10344
Portland, OR
Umpqua Bank - SW Cardinal Lane
(971) 544-1025
6610 SW Cardinal Lane
Tigard, OR
Pacific Continental Bank
(503) 350-1205
222 S.W. Columbia, #1650
Portland, OR
Oregonians Credit Union
(503) 239-5336
1437 SW Broadway
Portland, OR
Umpqua Bank - Tanasbourne
(503) 439-8334
2870 N.W. Town Center Drive
Bearverton, OR
Umpqua Bank - Pacific Center
(971) 544-1067
6610 S.W. Cardinal Lane
Tigard, OR
Northwest Bank
(503) 906-3945
4900 SW Meadows Road
Lake Oswego, OR
OnPoint Community Credit Union
(503) 228-7077
2701 NW Vaughn Street
Portland, OR
West Coast Bank - Portland
(503) 224-4245
1000 SW Broadway
Portland, OR

Student Loan

Financial aid can come in the form of scholarships, federal financial aid grants and student loans, and private student loans. Educational lenders can help you to create a financial aid package which will cover your college or university education as well as enable you to keep your expenses tight so that you don’t have mounds of bills to pay off when you graduate. While getting federal financial aid grants and scholarships can help to reduce your overall student loan debt burden, most students do end up with quite a bit of student loans to pay off after they finish their schooling.

Educational lenders who may issue you private student loans include banks, credit unions or certain non-profit organizations that support education for a particular group based on gender, ethnicity, or educational focus. These may come with a work obligation, or high interest rates depending on what other services you have going with the particular educational lender. However, they can definitely help to supplement federal financial aid when you have high costs of attendance at premier institutions of higher learning or have maxed out your eligibility for federal loans as many adult learners have.

Federal financial aid student loans usually have lower interest rates and more flexible repayment terms. Depending on your course of study and career plans you may even be able to find student loans which will have debt forgiveness after you meet a specific amount of work obligation. It’s important to consider how you will pay off your student loans before you take them out.

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