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Dick’s Sporting Goods started off with an honest vision and an attitude to never give up. Never giving up is an important approach in sports and Dick’s is all about sports. 18-year-old Richard Stack worked at an Army/Navy store and at the owner’s request he explored the idea of expanding the product line to include fishing and camping supplies. The owner rejected his suggestions, telling him he would never make a good merchant. That night he went to his grandmother’s house quite disappointed and she lifted his spirits, told him to never give up on his dreams and gave him $300 dollars to start Dick’s Sporting Goods in 1948. Please scroll down for more information and access to the local Dick’s Sporting Goods stores in Charlottesville, VA listed below.

Dick's Sporting Goods
(434) 974-5640
Rio Hill Shopping Center
Charlottesville, VA
Ragged Mountain Running Shop
(434) 293-3367
3 Elliewood Ave
Charlottesvle, VA
University of Virginia
(434) 924-3721
Emmet St
Charlottesville, VA
Legends Sporting Goods
(434) 973-4386
Charlottesville, VA
Levy's of Charlottesville
(434) 295-4270
N Wing Barracks Rd
Charlottesville, VA
Student Book Store Inc
(434) 293-5900
1515 University Ave
Charlottesvle, VA
Blue Ridge Mountain Sports
(434) 977-4400
1125 Emmet St N
Charlottesville, VA
Total Soccer
(434) 220-2460
199 Zan Rd
Charlottesvle, VA
Albemarle Angler
(434) 977-6882
Barracks Rd Shp Ctr
Charlottesville, VA
Performance Bicycle
(434) 963-9161
234 Zan Rd
Charlottesville, VA

Dick's Sporting Goods

Customer loyalty helped business grow into two stores and the product line expanded to include general sports merchandise. Richard Stack retired in 1984 and his eldest son, Edward Stack took over. Edward Stack took the business to another level with an aggressive drive that included many acquisitions. By 1994 Dick’s Sporting Goods had 40 stores and the headquarters office was moved to Pittsburgh, PA in preparation for a national rollout. In October of 2002 the company went public on the NYSE under DKS.

Today there are 419 Dick’s Sporting Goods in 40 states. In 2007 they acquired Golf Galaxy Inc and now own 91 Golf Galaxy stores in 31 states. Dick’s Sporting Goods is successful because they cater to the serious sports and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the big selection (over 27,000 different items), superior service (knowledgeable employees) and their stores within stores concept that includes a Golf Shop, Lodge (camping-hunting-fishing) and Perfect Season (shop tailored to all seasonal sports items) all inside a family-friendly environment.

This national sporting goods chain runs a smart logistical operation based on localized business demands. They understand what merchandise sells in what areas and at what times and adjust their shipments accordingly. They have the highest inventory turns in the industry because of timely and detailed data about shopping patterns. Their size and supply chain expertise enables them to offer low and competitive prices. They also know what their customers want and have created their own private labels and strategic partnerships with companies such as Addidas, whom they have a license with. This has given them the opportunity to develop Addidas products such as specialty bats and gloves. Building brand recognition that resonates with athletes is very important at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Dick Sporting Goods provides specific apparel offerings for sports, such as golf, tennis, running, fitness, soccer, baseball, football, hockey, swimming, cycling, and licensed products; and basic sportswear, including T-shirts, shorts, sweats, and warm-ups for men, women, and children. The company also offers athletic shoes for running and walking, tennis, fitness and cross training, basketball, and hiking; a line of cleated shoes for baseball, football, soccer, and lacrosse; and boots, socks, and accessories. In addition, it provides fitness equipment comprising treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bicycles, home gyms, free weights, and weight benches; a range of equipment and accessories for team sports; and family recreation offerings, including lawn games and table games. Further, the company offers hunting products, such as rifles, shotguns, ammunition, global positioning systems, hunting apparel, boots, binoculars and scopes, knives and cutlery, archery equipment, and accessories; fishing gear, including rods, reels, tackle, and accessories; camping equipment comprising tents, sleeping bags, and other accessories; and marine and water sports equipment consisting of navigational electronics, water skis, rafts, kayaks, canoes, and accessories. Additionally, it provides golf clubs and club sets, bags, balls, shoes, teaching aids, and accessories, as well as a range of golf services; and a selection of touring bicycles, scooters, and skateboards, as well as cycling accessories.

Dick’s Sporting goods is ready for any of your sporting needs. They also have an affiliate program that Website business owners can use to make a commission when referring customers to www.dickssportinggoods.com. The Dick’s Sporting Goods Website also has a vast selection on everything you may need and you will even find a clearance section in all categories. Log on and check it out for yourself.

Opinion Corner
Shoppers in Virginia shared their opinions about Sporting Goods Survey
Which of the following types of products have you bought in the past 24 months from Dick's Sporting Goods?(Select all that apply)
Team Sports Equipment: 22%
Exercise Equipment: 40%
Footwear: 54%
Apparel: 66%
Golf Equipment: 6%
Outdoor Equipment: 32%
Other: 14%
None of the Above: 0%
How satisfied were you with your last Dick's Sporting Goods shopping experience?
Very Satisfied: 52%
Satisfied: 44%
Neutral: 4%
Unsatisfied: 0%
Very Unsatisfied: 0%
How satisfied are you with the customer service you've received at Dick's Sporting Goods?
Very Satisfied: 50%
Satisfied: 38%
Neutral: 8%
Unsatisfied: 2%
Very Unsatisfied: 0%
N/A: 2%
How satisfied are you overall with Dick's Sporting Goods?
Very Satisfied: 44%
Satisfied: 48%
Neutral: 8%
Unsatisfied: 0%
Very Unsatisfied: 0%
How likely are you to shop with Dick's Sporting Goods again?
Very Likely: 48%
Likely: 50%
Neither Likely nor Unlikely: 2%
Unlikely: 0%
Very Unlikely: 0%
How likely are you to recommend a Dick's Sporting Goods product to others?
Very Likely: 48%
Likely: 36%
Neither Likely nor Unlikely: 14%
Unlikely: 2%
Very Unlikely: 0%
How likely are you to recommend Dick's Sporting Goods to others?
Very Likely: 50%
Likely: 32%
Neither Likely nor Unlikely: 16%
Unlikely: 2%
Very Unlikely: 0%
Source: Survey.com
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