Drum Shops Charleston SC

Local resource for drum shops in Charleston. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to percussion instruments, acoustic drums and electronic drums, as well as advice on drums, drum sets, snare drums, bass drums, cymbals, drum machines and drum pedals.

Drum Shops

Drum shops are music stores which specialize in items like cymbals, snare drums, acoustic drums, the electronic drum, and drum machine. They may have a percussion instrument such as the bass drum, or deal in many different types of drum set and accessories such as a drum pedal. While you can find the same types of products in many music stores, drum shops specialize in the percussion instrument so tend to have a wider selection and greater variety of options and speciality items for drum players to explore and purchase.

A drum set is usually composed of a snare drum, a bass drum and cymbals at minimum. Most will be equipped with a drum pedal used with acoustic drums. However, as the world goes more digital, there are electric drum options which many performers prefer. These types of electric drum options are often referred to as a drum machine.

A drum machine is much like an electronic keyboard, in that it replicates the sound of acoustic drums electronically through digital sampling. You can program a drum machine to play specific beats just as you would enact them manually by playing a bass drum, snare drums, or cymbals. However, with an electronic drum you press a few buttons or keys to get the sounds rather than playing a drum set with drum sticks and a drum pedal. With the advent of electronic innovation and progress many electronic drum sounds cannot be distinguished from traditional acoustic drums on sound recordings.

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