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FedEx was founded in 1971 by 28-year-old Frederick Smith. He was inspired by a term paper on an overnight delivery service for his Yale University economics class. His idea was expensive because you had to create a system before operations could begin. His strategies included shipping all packages through a single hub and building a private fleet of aircraft. Company-owned planes would free the service from commercial-airline schedules and shipping regulations, while a single hub would permit the tight control that got packages to their destinations overnight. AR. Smith moved operations to the more supportive and strategic location in 1973 FedEx operations officially began servicing 25 cities with a fleet of 14 Dassault Falcon aircraft and 389 employees. Services offered included overnight and 2 day delivery options of high priority and time sensitive shipments. Scroll down for more info and access to your local Fedex in Casper, WY.

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By 1977 FedEx had 31,000 regular customers including such giants as IBM and the U.S. Air Force, which used it to ship spare parts. It also shipped blood, organs for transplant, drugs, and other items requiring swift transport. FedEx serviced 75 airports and 130 cities. That same year Smith’s successful lobbying for change in deregulation of the airline industry became a reality and they were allowed to expand growth by acquiring larger planes, which were now permitted to carry more than 7,500 pounds and fly anywhere in the U.S. at anytime. In 1978 Federal Express (that was original name) went public on the NYSE under FDX. In 1979 FedEx was the first shipping company to implement computer use to manage packages when it launched “COSMOS” (Customers, Operations and Services Master Online System), a centralized computer system to manage people, packages, vehicles and weather scenarios in real time. In 1980 the company implemented “DADS” (Digitally Assisted Dispatch System) to coordinate on-call pickups for customers; this system allows customers to schedule pickups for the same day. Their logistical mastery has enabled them to offer reliable and cost-effective speedy courier services. By1981 their speed-oriented service grew to include the overnight letter. That year UPS; the leading truck courier entered the air-express industry FedEx helped to create. FedEx decided to go global and made their first acquisition in 1984. They purchased Gelco Express, a package courier in 84 countries including the UK, Netherlands, Canada, United Arab Emirates and limited access in Japan. In 1985 they opened up their first European hub at the Brussels airport and by 1989 they acquired Tiger International. This acquisition further expanded their landing rights into France, Germany and various other cities in Asia and South America.

FedEx obtained authority to serve China through a 1995 acquisition from Evergreen International Airlines. Under this authority, Federal Express became the sole U.S.-based, all-cargo carrier with aviation rights to the world's most populous nation. Since then, the company's global reach has continued to expand, resulting in an unsurpassed worldwide network. In 2001 FedEx sealed a deal with the USPS that was extended until 2013 to ship all of it’s express and priority mail shipments enabling FedEx access to install FedEx drop boxes in all USPS locations. Today FedEx delivers to customers in more than 211 countries. They have the world’s largest cargo air fleet with 664 aircrafts and over 37,000 vehicles.

FedEx Express is led by FedEx Corporation, which provides strategic direction and consolidated financial reporting for the operating companies that compete collectively under the FedEx name worldwide: FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx Office, FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Trade Networks, FedEx Global Supply Chain Services and FedEx Services. The first evolution of the company's corporate identity came in 1994 when Federal Express officially adopted "FedEx" as its primary brand, taking a cue from its customers, who frequently referred to the company by the shortened name. By that time, customers used the term as a verb, meaning, "to send an overnight shipment." It did not take long for the meaning to catch on, and today it's common terminology to "FedEx" a package. The second evolution came in 2000 when the company was renamed FedEx Express to reflect its position in the overall FedEx Corporation portfolio of services. This also signified the expanding breadth of the FedEx Express-specific service offerings, as well as a FedEx that was no longer just overnight delivery. Their main headquarters are located in Memphis, TN and the CEO is still Frederick Smith. Their logistical mastery and early investment on technological advances gave them the opportunity to be the first ones to offer the ability to track packages during the shipping process and electronically prepare shipping documents on the Internet. Their commitment to the overnight delivery of high priority packages, documents and freight have revolutionized global business practices and now defines speed and reliability.

FedEx Express is the company’s original overnight courier services, providing next day service within all of the U.S. and other international destinations. FedEx Ground guarantees day definate delivery at a cost savings over time definate FedEx Express using a vast network of trucks. FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Smart Post are a part of FedEx Ground. FedEx Home Delivery offers residential delivery Tuesday through Saturday with flexible delivery options to residential customers. FedEx Smart Post Consolidates parcels from merchants such as e-commerce and catalog companies and uses USPS for the final delivery. FedEx Freight offers freight services. FedEx Custom Critical delivers urgent, valuable, or hazardous items using trucks and chartered aircraft. FedEx Trade Networks offers customs, insurance and transportation advice. FedEx office offers printing and shipping options. FedEx Services is an automated customer service toll-free telephone line for customer questions that if needed will prompt the user to a live agent for any FedEx related issues. FedEx Global Supply Chain Services handles all logistics including inventory and transportation. Learn more about what FedEx can do for you at

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