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Brazil resource for holiday shopping, retail stores, boutiques, malls and department stores. Below are some local vendors and events in your area to help guide you through the holiday season.

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(812) 234-1546
3401 S. US Hwy 41
Terre Haute, IN
Departments / Services
Wedding Registry.

JC Penney
(812) 232-3881
3401 S US 41
Terre Haute, IN
Mon-Sat 9:30-9:00
Sun 12:00-6:00

Dollar General Store
(812) 235-7505
9 Southland Shopping C
Terre Haute, IN
Big Lots Stores
(812) 478-3939
4650 S US Highway 41
Terre Haute, IN
Kohl's Department Stores
(812) 298-8504
5679 S US Highway 41
Terre Haute, IN
Best Buy
(812) 231-7039
3676 South US Highway 41
Terre Haute, IN
Mon: 10-9
Tue: 10-9
Wed: 10-9
Thurs: 10-9
Fri: 10-9
Sat: 10-9
Sun: 11-7;

Dollar General
(812) 242-2380
940 Poplar St
Terre Haute, IN
(812) 237-0130
3676 S US Highway 41
Terre Haute, IN
T J Maxx
(812) 299-8324
5731 S US Highway 41
Terre Haute, IN
Sam's Club
(812) 235-5660
4350 S US Highway 41
Terre Haute, IN

Holiday Shopping

Whether it be retail shopping for Christmas, Valentines Day or a special Birthday a gift guide is helpful in securing that perfect gift. Check with your local mall or department store when shopping for your holiday gifts and see what type of gift guide they offer. The old standbys of candy or flowers for Valentines Day or Birthday gifts always gets points for remembering the holiday. A gift guide however allows you to think out of the box and purchase more special holiday gifts that are sure to please the receiver. You will find such an array of holiday gifts listed that you had never thought of before.

Christmas is the biggest shopping holiday of the year and everyone is stressed over finding the perfect gift at the mall. When doing your retail shopping visit the department store of your choice or the stores within the mall and check out the gifts they suggest on their store gift guides. A lot of research and time goes into establishing their store gift guide. Most also have a wish list that individuals can register their wishes for a more personal gift guide, just as they have a registry for weddings or shower gifts.

When all else fails ask you friends and family to create a gift guide with sizes, special colors and dream gifts listed. Who knows, they may just find one of those special holiday gifts under the Christmas tree. Keeping the gift guide handy year round will also help you with your retail shopping when Valentines Day or a special Birthday rolls around.

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