Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Knoxville TN

Kitchen cabinet replacement jobs are considerably easy enough as a DIY project but it’s much more convenient and effective to hire kitchen remodeling contractors for the job. Hiring a professional for kitchen remodeling jobs will expand your kitchen cabinetry choices. Please scroll down to learn more and get access to all the related products and services in Knoxville, TN listed below.

Armstrongs Remodeling & Restoration Services
(865) 386-6690
6500 Papermill Dr
Knoxville, TN
McGill Contracting
(865) 607-3174
422 E Oak Hill Ave
Knoxville, TN
Kitchen Tune UPS
(865) 357-5882
732 Chateaugay Rd
Knoxville, TN
Kitchen Tune-Up
(865) 357-5881
732 Chateaugay Rd
Knoxville, TN
Standard Kitchen & Bath
(865) 694-0068
8719 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN
Roberts Renovation
(885) 441-2410
105 Naueda Dr
Knoxville , TN
Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
Membership Organizations

American Lighting Inc
(865) 694-0028
8032 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN
Standard Kitchen & Hearth
(865) 694-0068
8719 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN
Kitchen Tops Inc /Kitchn Eqpt
(865) 523-0967
1300 Ault Rd
Knoxville, TN
Fashion Kitchen & Bath
(865) 691-1117
272 N Peters Rd
Knoxville, TN

Kitchen Remodeling Glossary

The following information was sourced from

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act. Federal law governing issues of accessibility in public facilities. Used as guidelines for multi-housing and home modifications for disabled persons or homes for "aging in place".

ANSI - American National Standards Institute. A federal agency which sets standards for quality, function and durability of materials used in manufacturing, building, etc.

Appliance Garage - A common name for a roll-up or single door unit placed under a wall cabinet. Roll-up doors are sometimes called 'tambours".

Appliqué (onlay) - An intricately carved decorative element installed on the surface of a cabinet.

Batten - A strip of thin, narrow lumber used to cover or reinforce the joint between two pieces of lumber.

Bead - (Beaded) A small double groove routed out around the perimeter of a cabinet frame or door giving the appearance of an added rounded, narrow molding. (Beaded panel - a panel with a vertical double groove routed at intervals across it's width). (Beaded inset - a style in which the cabinet door closes within the frame which has a double groove routed around its perimeter.)

Bevel - The slant of a surface, as on a beveled edge door.

Butt Joint - Joint formed by butting the ends of two pieces of wood together. Usually attached by glue or staples or both.

Capital - An architectural term for the crown or top element of a column.

Classic Crown (molding) - A wide, intricately carved piece of molding usually used on top of wall cabinets or furniture.

Concealed Hinge - A hinge that is attached to the door and the inside end panel of a cabinet, making it not visible from the exterior of the cabinet.

Continuous Pull - The door handle is an integral part of the door style and runs the full width of the door. The handle is not a separate piece of decorative hardware.

Conversion Varnish - An element of a finishing process, used as intermediate and/or top coats. This sprayed-on chemical material is bonded to the wood when heated in special ovens.

Cup Hinge - Used to hinge full-overlay doors, the hinge is set into a round recessed area routed into the back of the door. The hinge is also attached to the door frame.

Dado - A groove recessed into a board into which another board edge is inset to form a joint, usually with glue to secure it. Used to join cabinet backs to cabinet floors or sides (end panels) to face frame.

Dentil (molding) - A pattern of tooth-like cuts often used on trim moldings.

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