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Local resource for Nikon products in Virginia Beach, VA. Includes detailed information on local Nikon authorized dealers and local companies providing photography services that give access to Nikon digital, DSLR and film cameras, Nikon lenses and flashes, Nikon accessories, as well as Nikon microscopes, sport optics products, and precision equipment and imaging products.

Ritz Camera
(757) 463-1768
Lynnhaven Mall 701 Lynnhaven Parkway
Virginia Beach, VA
Loyola Audio Visual Systems
(757) 498-6118
2984 S Lynnhaven Road Suite 101
Virginia Beach, VA
Best Buy
(757) 493-9232
217 S Independence Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA
21st Century Electronics Service
(757) 340-5096
315 N Great Neck RD
Virginia Beach, VA
Ritz Camera & Image
(757) 422-2750
1624 Laskin Rd
Virginia Beach, VA
Ritz Camera
(757) 422-2750
Hilltop North Shopping Center 722 Hilltop North Shopping Center
Virginia Beach, VA
BC Computers
(757) 200-2600
2931 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA
(757) 490-7777
5361 Cleveland St
Virginia Beach, VA
Pure Custom Home Theater
(757) 427-2020
2217 Upton Dr Suite 804
Virginia Beach, VA
Allied Electronics
(757) 318-9599
4525 E Honeygrove RD
Virginia Beach, VA


Nikon specializes in film cameras and digital cameras. They are innovators in camera technology including Nikon lenses, Nikon DSLR, digital SLR cameras and sport optics. Nikon dealers can help you with these items as well as Nikon accessories.

The main difference between film cameras and digital cameras is in how the photos are processed. Digital cameras have become the wave of the future, particularly with regard to digital SLR cameras and sport optics. While you can still get updated Nikon lenses, Nikon flashes and Nikon accessories for traditional film cameras, a major thrust has been in developing new camera technologies such as Nikon DSLR.

Nikon DSLR is an acronym you may not be familiar with. DSLR refers to digital single lens reflex technology. Digital SLR cameras have a near-zero lag time which make them ideal tools for action and sports photography. You can chance up the Nikon lenses on this type of cameras, much in the way you change a lens on a traditional film camera. For example, you can use a lens specifically geared to sports optics. With digital SLR cameras you see exactly what the lens sees, and the large image sensors produce high-quality photographs whether taking a still of a bowl of fruit, or high action shots of a sports event, or even a bird in flight.

Nikon dealers can help you choose the right digital camera for your needs as well as any Nikon accessories for special interest photography. If you will be shooting athletic events, a sports optics Nikon lenses investment will be well worth it. Don’t skimp when you go Nikon DSLR.

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