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Local resource for organ stores in Roswell. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to organ stories that can help you navigate the hurdles associated with the pipe organ, electronic organ, mechanical organ, home organ, chamber organ, harmonium, portative organ and street organ, as well as advice on organ music and becoming an organist.

Organ Stores

An organist is someone who plays the organ. Organ music may be played on a portative organ such as an electronic organ, or street organ. Mechanical organ types include the harmonium, chamber organ, pipe organ and home organ. Organ music is as personal a choice as the actual instrument which is why organ stores can have such a wonderful and varied selection of items for organists. If you are an organist, you will find a much broader variety of choices at an organ store than you would at a traditional music store which services multiple instruments.

The difference between a mechanical organ and an electronic organ is in how the sound is made. With a mechanical organ such as a chamber organ, you are using keys and strings with manual pressure to create the sound. A pipe organ has large pipes which resonate this sound, and a harmonium uses air forced over free reeds. As you can see, it’s not as simple as just pressing a button to create sound with these performance organs.

For a home organ, many organists choose a portative organ, or mobile organ, such as an electronic organ. This is usually a smaller item, much like street organs you see on various city corners. It is designed to be mobile with a minimal amount of effort, and has functions to make playing easier such as digital programming. Organ music can sound very different depending on the type of organ it is played upon and the skill of the performer.

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