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Pizza Hut is an American chain and international franchise. Two brothers, Dan and Frank Carney in 1958, founded pizza Hut. At their grand opening pizza was given away to entice customers. People were hooked and in less than a year another Pizza Hut was opened as a franchise unit. Pizza Hut decided to standardize all subsequent unit’s building appearance and layout so customers would begin to recognize an expanding brand. Pizza Hut went public in 1972 on the NYSE under PIZ but was acquired by PepsiCo in 1977. Please scroll down to learn more and get access to the local Pizza Huts in Douglasville, GA listed below.

(678) 838-9732
6700 Douglas Blvd Ste FC-01
Douglasville, GA

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Bellas Pizzeria
(706) 439-9555
2495 E West Connector
Austell, GA

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Sunz Pizza
(404) 584-7860
649 Fair St SW
Atlanta, GA

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Copper Pot, The
(706) 839-1300
135 Grant St
Clarkesville, GA

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Olympia Gyros and Pizza House
(770) 813-0093
3585 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Duluth, GA

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Brooklyn Pizza Department
(770) 948-8778
4787 Austell Rd
Austell, GA

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Pizza Extreme Inc.
(770) 948-1234
1592 Veterans Memorial Hwy
Austell, GA

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Slice Pizza
(404) 817-7153
1025 Howell Mill Rd Nw
Atlanta, GA

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Peluso's Italian Restaurant
(706) 563-9934
5600 Milgen Rd Ste 102-1
Columbus, GA

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Cardamuro's Italian Cafe
(770) 614-6300
5885 Cumming Hwy
Sugar Hill, GA

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Pizza Hut

Now Pizza Hut is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. Yum! Brands is listed on the NYSE under YUM. They bought the Pizza Hut chain from PepsiCo in 1997 and are the worlds largest fast food company. Today there are over 34,000 stores in 100 countries. Pizza Hut has many restaurant format styles such as original dine-in locations, delivery and carry out, Pizza Hut Bistro, Pizza Hut Express and The Hut. Pizza Hut Bistro is more upscale and serves all Pizza Hut menu items along with other Italian pasta dishes and sandwiches. Pizza Hut Express and The Hut have selected food items that are served fast. You can find them alongside other Yum! Brand subsidiaries such as KFC and Taco Bell or inside college campuses, food courts and Targets.

Pizza Hut offers a wide variety of pizza styles including the popular stuffed crust, hand-tossed, thin n crispy, dipping strips and the edge. You can also order various other items such as Tuscani pastas, buffalo wings, breadsticks and garlic bread. Pizza Hut is very innovative and is constantly trying new things. Over the years they have introduced many pizza variations and dishes and keep the ones that stick.

Some of the new items you will find on their current menu include stuffed pizza rollers and pzone pizza (a type of calzone). There are different styles of wings in various flavor combinations to choose from. They have affordable deals and specials and have created the Mia Pizza. It’s a specially priced $5.00 medium pizza. Go to for more information and special deal offers.

Opinion Corner
People in Georgia shared their opinions about Pizza Survey
Which of the following items have you purchased in the past 24 months from Pizza Hut?(Select all that apply)
Pizza: 100%
Pasta: 28%
Wings: 52%
Dessert: 26%
Breadsticks: 65%
Other: 10%
How satisfied were you with your last Pizza Hut experience?
Very Satisfied: 44%
Satisfied: 47%
Neutral: 2%
Unsatisfied: 5%
Very Unsatisfied: 0%
How satisfied are you overall with the customer service you've received at Pizza Hut?
Very Satisfied: 34%
Satisfied: 63%
Neutral: 2%
Unsatisfied: 0%
Very Unsatisfied: 0%
N/A: 0%
How satisfied are you with Pizza Hut overall?
Very Satisfied: 42%
Satisfied: 50%
Neutral: 5%
Unsatisfied: 0%
Very Unsatisfied: 2%
How likely are you to eat at Pizza Hut again?
Very Likely: 52%
Likely: 44%
Neither Likely nor Unlikely: 0%
Unlikely: 0%
Very Unlikely: 2%
How likely are you to recommend a Pizza Hut pizza to others?
Very Likely: 50%
Likely: 36%
Neither Likely nor Unlikely: 10%
Unlikely: 0%
Very Unlikely: 2%
How likely are you to recommend Pizza Hut to others?
Very Likely: 44%
Likely: 39%
Neither Likely nor Unlikely: 13%
Unlikely: 0%
Very Unlikely: 2%
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