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RadioShack is a leading retailer in consumer technology and home electronics with over 6000 location in the U.S. and Mexico and merchant relationships around the world. RadioShack’s selection of technology products includes: mobile devices, electronics, circuitry and AV accessories, home technology, cables and television equipment, digital and video photography devices, portable power supplies and tech gadgets for do-it-yourself repair and professionals technicians.


Theodore and Milton Deutschmann founded RadioShack in 1921 and opened up the first RadioShack store in Boston, MA selling electronic radio supplies to operators and hobbyists. By 1954, RadioShack had opened the first audio showroom with speakers, amplifiers, turntables and phonograph cartridges on display. They had also created their own private label under the Realistic brand. However, despite their success, RadioShack fell on hard times and the Tandy Corporation acquired the company in 1963. After acquiring RadioShack, Tandy Corporation decided to concentrate on the retail consumer electronics side of the business and divested all of their other non-electronics operations. RadioShack benefited from this decision and continued to expand and grow. They were the first retailers to offer one of the first mass produced personal computers manufactured by Tandy Corporation. The TRS-80 and subsequent TRS-80 Color Computers.

Today RadioShack is a public company on the NYSE under RSH. It is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and the current CEO is Julian Day. They are also considered a mobile phone authority with a wide selection of devices, plans and accessories across multiple wireless carriers including AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. RadioShack’s also carries items for personal and home technology and power supply needs including home entertainment products such as HDTV’s, DVR’s and more.

RadioShack has various private label brands including Gigaware for personal computing hardware accessories; PointMobl for accessories that protect, power and enhance the mobility experience; AUVIO for precision audio and video technology; and Enercell for batteries. They also sell: AntennaCraft (outdoor antennas and amplifiers), digital cameras, digital camera accessories and digital picture frames, camcorders, cables, adapters, computers, games and more. They also have an electronic recycling and trade-in program. Learn more about RadioShack by visiting

Opinion Corner
People in California shared their opinions about Electronics Store Survey
Which of the following items have you purchased in the past 24 months from RadioShack?(Select all that apply)
Batteries: 60%
Cell Phone: 35%
DirectTV: 8%
TV or Audio Equipment: 47%
Computer: 26%
Car Electronics (GPS, Radar Detector, etc): 21%
Tablet: 17%
Camera: 20%
Printer: 17%
Video Game: 20%
DIY Hobby Equipment: 10%
How satisfied were you with your last RadioShack experience?
Very Satisfied: 37%
Satisfied: 46%
Neutral: 12%
Unsatisfied: 3%
Very Unsatisfied: 0%
How satisfied are you with the customer service you've received overall at RadioShack?
Very Satisfied: 44%
Satisfied: 36%
Neutral: 14%
Unsatisfied: 3%
Very Unsatisfied: 0%
N/A: 0%
How satisfied are you with RadioShack overall?
Very Satisfied: 39%
Satisfied: 44%
Neutral: 12%
Unsatisfied: 1%
Very Unsatisfied: 1%
How likely are you to shop at RadioShack again?
Very Likely: 43%
Likely: 33%
Neither Likely nor Unlikely: 16%
Unlikely: 4%
Very Unlikely: 2%
How likely are you to recommend a RadioShack product to others?
Very Likely: 34%
Likely: 36%
Neither Likely nor Unlikely: 17%
Unlikely: 8%
Very Unlikely: 2%
How likely are you to recommend RadioShack to others?
Very Likely: 34%
Likely: 39%
Neither Likely nor Unlikely: 16%
Unlikely: 7%
Very Unlikely: 1%
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