Roof Repair Bangor ME

A roof is the outside top covering of a home or other structure. Typically it's made up of lumber called rafters covered by plywood or planks, roofing felt, and roofing shingles. Here you’ll learn what makes up a roof and what to do to resolve any roof issues that come up. Please scroll down for more information and access to the professional roofing contractors in Bangor, ME listed below.

Hiscoe Roofing
(207) 942-3777
405 Hancock Street
Bangor, ME

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Williams Roofing Co
(207) 989-9595
150 Oak Grove Dr
Brewer, ME

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Perma Roofing, Inc.
(207) 284-4332
27 Landry Street
Biddeford, ME

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Hendrickson Roofing
(207) 832-4104
250 Violet Ln
Waldoboro, ME
Demmons Roofing
(207) 949-0458
22 Garland Rd
Charleston, ME
CJG Contractors
(207) 299-2337
584 Union Street
Bangor, ME
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A M Roofing
(207) 884-7807
1022 Horseback Road
Levant, ME

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David J. Deschaine Installations, Inc.
(207) 774-9200
Po Box 4585
Portland, ME

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Perfect Edge
(207) 339-2048
488 River Rd
Lebanon, ME

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RTD Roofing
(207) 696-3964
196 Old Pt Ave
Madison, ME

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Roof Repair

Roof repair can be a serious matter. When you get damage to home outdoor covering such as roofing, roof rafters and roof damage can cause other types of damage too as rain and snow seep through leaks. Roofing contractors can help. A roof contractor can assist you in fixing your roof structurally as well as providing an aesthetic solution so that you don’t have to replace all of your roofing shingles.

Home outdoor covering protects the inside of your home by providing a barrier to the elements. When you get structural damage to roof rafters this can cause problems with your shingles which create openings and leaks. Through this roof damage, water, rain, insects and even small animals can enter the home. This can cause further damage such as rotting of timbers, infestations, or leaks of water than damage other surfaces such as furniture, carpeting and ceiling structures. That’s why it is so important to call a roof contractor at the first sign of damage.

Roofing contractors can assess both interior and exterior damage pertaining to your roof. Then they can professionally estimate what materials will work within your budget to come to a solution to restore your roofs protective properties and aesthetics. Many roof fixes can be handled expediently if caught fast. It’s when you let a small leak linger thinking it is no big deal that roof damage becomes a costly endeavor and you end up with a huge contractor bill for extensive roof damage and roof repair.

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