Scholarship Beaverton OR

Local resource for scholarship resources in Beaverton. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to scholarship resources, financial aid, student loans, colleges and universities, as well as advice on GPA, sat scores and sports scholarships.

Sterling Savings Bank
(503) 296-9753
9755 Southwest Barnes Road, Suite 105
Portland, OR
Umpqua Bank - Tanasbourne
(503) 439-8334
2870 N.W. Town Center Drive
Bearverton, OR
Umpqua Bank - SW Cardinal Lane
(971) 544-1025
6610 SW Cardinal Lane
Tigard, OR
West Coast Bank - Portland
(503) 224-4245
1000 SW Broadway
Portland, OR
Northwest Bank
(503) 906-3945
4900 SW Meadows Road
Lake Oswego, OR
Forest Park Federal Credit Union
(503) 228-2106
P.O. Box 10344
Portland, OR
Umpqua Bank - Pacific Center
(971) 544-1067
6610 S.W. Cardinal Lane
Tigard, OR
Homestreet Bank Business Banking
(503) 222-6046
1618 SW First Avenue
Portland, OR
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
(503) 276-3000
1500 SW First Avenue
Portland, OR
Wells Fargo Bank
(503) 886-1447
MAC P6101-060
Portland, OR


Scholarships are financial aid that does not have to be paid back. Colleges and universities offer many scholarship resources, such as sports scholarships which can prevent students from having excessive student loans upon graduation. However, most of the time scholarships do not provide a full ride and most students will find that they need some amount of student loans to fund their educational endeavors.

The school financial aid office at your chosen colleges or universities is a good place to start. Of course, before you are even enrolled in a specific institution you can use your guidance counselor in high school as a resource for information on sports scholarships, academic scholarship and other scholarship opportunities you may wish to apply for.

With any financial aid package it is very important to pay attention to deadlines. These include deadlines for application, as well as deadlines for submissions of supportive materials such as financial records, and school reports. If you miss the appropriate deadlines you may need to research additional scholarship resources to meet your financial needs.

Sports scholarships can sometimes offer students a full ride. However, it is important to know the terms of your scholarship financial aid. Often even with athletic awards, students must maintain a specific grade point average or what is known as satisfactory academic progress. IF you do not meet all the terms of your scholarships, this financial aid can be revoked and you may not be eligible for student loans to make up the difference. All colleges and universities have their own policies.

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