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Local resource for staffing and recruiting services in Lewiston. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to employment and staffing agencies, career centers and temporary labor, as well as advice on staffing, recruiting, human resources tips and hiring personnel.

Mjk & Associates
(207) 777-1100
40 Pine Street
Lewiston, ME

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Bonney Staffing
(207) 783-7000
37 Park St
Lewiston, ME

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Maine Staffing Services
(207) 782-4820
250 Center St
Auburn, ME

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The Hawthorne Group
10 Tustin's Way
Freeport, ME

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Source Link Services
(207) 725-8133
16 Cushnoc Lane
Brunswick, ME

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Variable Employment
(207) 786-5680
675 Main St
Lewiston, ME

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The Auburn Group
(207) 753-6700
1 Wakefield St
Lewiston, ME

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(207) 345-9426
91 M Main St
Mechanic Falls, ME

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Polysearch Executive Recruiting
(207) 373-0900
26 Rocky Hill Dr
Brunswick, ME

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Win/Win Solutions
(207) 833-6650
PO Box 626
Brunswick, ME

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Recruiting Software

Recruiting Software Overview

Recruiting software is a staffing solution when businesses have to handle contract office, medical staffing, and direct hire tasks. The many features of this incredible solution include a search and match feature, contact management, document management, and managerial reporting. This is all the software a successful professional needs to stay ahead, to stay organized, and to manage their time more effectively. Recruiting software gives companies the freedom to perform their payroll, billing, and accounting operations from one program. The program is designed exclusively to benefit the staffing industry. A manager is also capable of receiving financial reporting information such as productivity, sales, profit, and market trends.

Recruiting software is considered to be the most fluid source to fulfill companies' staffing requirements. Through the integration of production data and website applications, a manager can send job data to an unlimited number of job boards, receive applications through a website search, and search the Internet for passive resumes. Web pages are able to be created on the spur of the moment, allowing jobs to be taken through the specific website. Opus recruiting tracking systems provide the highest level of security to the user and the potential applicant. This is a safe system that finds the best-suited employees for any open position available within a company. This allows for two-way satisfaction.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing is a program in recruiting software that allows a business to enter an order and then conduct an employee search. At the end of the employee search, one individual will be chosen and assigned the task. This software program is written with specialized temp-job order forms that collect the date, time, hour, rate, worker's compensation, and customer department information. With this program, payroll and billing can be processed. Contract staffing software includes a new hire report, automatically available for a manager's overview.

Recruitment software participates in an unemployment defense, as it keeps track of not only who is currently working, but also who submitted a resume, who refused an offered position, and any job applicants who did not show up. This is crucial in business defense to fend off falsified unemployment claims. The system also tracks worker's compensation. Once the recruitment software is set up, it will be in charge of making every worker's compensation code decision and then carry the information to the worker's compensation form that must be filed. This type of software has many benefits including: a quality control feature, a daily planner, arrival checks, progress checks, call backs, and a specific quality control form that is produced for each work assignment performed.

Direct Hire Placement

Direct hire placement is a program within recruitment software that is designed to track the entire hiring process, from the first mention of a candidate to the submitting of their resume to the interview and essentially to the actual offer of placement. Every step-of-the-way becomes a history report that is linked to the particular employer and job candidate. The process of submitting resumes is automated, so the most amount of resumes can be distributed in the shortest amount of time. This saves countless hours of processing and sorting. Once a resume is selected, a customized form is drawn out and created for every interview scheduled. A permanent job order form devotes an area to the particular job description, salary information, and the guarantee information. To better enable the manager to make a hiring decision and to save paper, recruiting software consolidates all the candidate's profile information onto one form, allowing only one form to be used in presentations.

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