Transmission Maintenance Service Kalispell MT

Transmission maintenance service may include a transmission flush, transmission filter change, transmission fluid replacement, used pan gasket replacement, and transmission fluid leak check. See below to learn more and to gain access to transmission service centers in Kalispell, MT.

Flathead Transmission Spclsts
(406) 752-4771
1416 Mount Highway 35
Kalispell, MT
Transmission Repair,Tune up Repair

Flathead Transmission Specialist
(406) 752-4771
1416 Montana Highway 35
Kalispell, MT
Transmission Repair,Tune up Repair

Mikeys Gas and Diesel Shop Inc
(406) 755-7479
119 E Reserve Drive
Kalispell, MT
Brake Repair,Transmission Repair,Tune up Repair

JK Auto Repair
(406) 892-5565
196 Sunrise Creek Loop Ste 52
Columbia Falls, MT
Air Conditioning Repair, Brakes, Electrical Service, Emission Testing, Engine Repair, Exhaust Repair, Front End Repair, General Automotive Repair, Inspection & Diagnostic, Lubrication Service, Machine Shop Service, Maintenance, Radiator Repair, Towing Service, Transmission, Wheel Alignment
Mon:7:00 am-5:00 pm
Tue:7:00 am-5:00 pm
Wed:7:00 am-5:00 pm
Thu:7:00 am-5:00 pm
Fri:7:00 am-5:00 pm
Cash, Check, Credit Card

Milos Auto Truck Rv Repair
(406) 723-4140
200 Centennial Avenue
Butte, MT
AC and Heating Repair,RV and Camper Repair,Transmission Repair

Absolute Transmission Resource
(406) 755-1411
5 6th Avenue West
Kalispell, MT
Transmission Repair,Tune up Repair

Bulletproof Bedliners and Accessories
(406) 885-4637
1280 Us Highway 2 East
Kalispell, MT
Transmission Repair,Truck Parts,Tune up Repair

Advance Auto Repair Inc
(406) 752-0578
3390 Us Highway 2 East
Kalispell, MT
Transmission Repair,Tune up Repair

Auto Maintenance Shop
(406) 761-0901
1700 Vaughn Road
Great Falls, MT
Brake Repair,Transmission Repair

Ulmers Auto and Truck Service
(406) 761-1111
206 7th Street South
Great Falls, MT
AC and Heating Repair,Electrical Repair,Transmission Repair

How an Automotive Transmissions Works

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There are primarily two types of transmission styles, automatic and manual (stick shift) the power generated from the engine is transferred into the transmission through an input shaft. Most automatic transmissions have a service filter in the transmission pan that needs to be changed at manufacturer's specified intervals. When servicing an automatic transmission a complete fluid flush is recommended, there are many passages inside the transmission and a complete flush is best.

The driver can select a mode by maneuvering the gear shift lever which is placed on the steering column or next to the driver seat on the right. In most cars it is necessary to depress the brake pedal before the gear selector can be moved from the Park position. Most vehicles gear selection consists of  park, reverse, neutral, overdrive, drive, second and first gear in that order. The park or P mode locks the transmission mechanically. This restricts movement of car in any direction. This is achieved using a metal rod that engages the output shaft and prohibits movement.

An automatic transmission allows automatically changing the gear ratios by determining the speed and load of the engine. From the 1950s, cars have been manufactured with automatic transmissions. The automatic transmission is controlled by selecting a desired gear from the hydraulic gear engagement system.

Automatic Transmission Gear Range Selector

Inside the Automatic Transmission

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