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We asked a mobile panel of verified U-Haul customers in Manchester, NH to share their experience with their local U-Haul location. This is a page built by content provided by Manchester, NH consumers for the benefit of Manchester, NH consumers.

U-Haul Review

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Submitted on 6/7/2013 at 8:32 PM

Have you ever used U-Haul's moving services or rented a U-Haul van?


In which city and state did you use U-Haul?

Norfolk, VA

How did you hear about U-Haul?

From friends

Why did you use U-Haul?

I did myself because of cost

How did U-Haul perform? Was your property in good condition? Did the move go smoothly?

I moved myself

If a friend were to ask you about U-Haul, what would you say?

Its easy and it don't cost much

Able Moving & Storage
(603) 882-2340
14 Howe Drive
Amherst, NH

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Pathways Training Assocs
(603) 627-1022
S 8030 Willow
Manchester, NH
Public Storage Storage Locations Manchester
(603) 627-4107
51 Faltin Drive
Manchester, NH
National Machinery Movers
(603) 669-1323
645 Lake Av
Manchester, NH
Usave Auto Van And Truck Rental
(603) 624-6627
81 Ross Avenue
Manchester, NH
City Self Storage
(603) 669-8500
747 Grove Street
Manchester, NH
Dutile And Company
(603) 623-1340
1 Middle Street
Portsmouth, NH
D W Dunn Moving & Storage
(508) 481-9696
89 March
Manchester, NH
Atlantic Storage Trailer
(603) 641-2663
449 Hayward Street
Manchester, NH
D W Dunn Moving And Storage
(508) 481-9696
89 March Avenue
Manchester, NH
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