Verizon DuBois PA

Local resource for Verizon services in DuBois, PA. Includes detailed information on local Verizon stores that give access to individual cell phone plans, family plans, prepaid plans, mobile broadband plans, as well as Push to Talk plans, but also check the available resources to search for and compare cell phone devices and smartphones.

Brookville Equipment Corporation
(814) 849-6026
175 Evans Street
Brookville, PA
Wagner Tarps
244 Industrial Park Road
Brookville, PA
AT&T Mobility
(724) 861-0487
9100 Lincoln Hwy
Irwin, PA

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Executive Cellular Phones
(215) 702-9837
2300 E Lincoln Hwy
Langhorne, PA

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One Man’s Treasures
(610) 269-9505
107 E. Lancaster Ave
Downingtown, PA
Miller Welding & Machine Co.
(814) 849-3061
P.O. Box G, 111 2nd Street
Brookville, PA
Randy's Electronics
(814) 849-5512
237 Main Street
Brookville, PA
E T & T, Inc.
(610) 867-7800
2360 Avenue A
Bethlehem, PA

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Att Wireless Experience
(717) 843-1900
1193 Loucks Rd
York, PA
P O Box 382
Greencastle, PA
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Verizon stores offer cell phones, smart phones and cell phone plans. You can choose from individual plans, family plans, prepaid plans, data plans and mobile broadband plans. Using Verizon services can help you to communicate when you want and how you want.

Basic cell phones are prepaid plans are good for people who want an emergency phone, or don’t need to have a lot of minutes or access to data plans for using email and web connectivity. As prepaid plans tend to cost more per minute that longer contract plans, they aren’t the most economical option for many people. However, if you have poor credit or no credit then prepaid plans may be the only option for you.

Smart phones are the wave of the future. Verizon stores have many options for mobile broadband plans and data plans which can meet your needs while you multitask through your phone. Many businesses use Verizon as their service provider for their company cell phones, but there are just as many individual plans and family plans active on the Verizon network.

Verizon stores are a great place to try out the various cell phones and smart phones on the market. You can also discuss whether individual plans or family plans would be the most economical choice for your needs with a Verizon wireless representative in person. Often if you have multiple family members there are specific mobile broadband plans and data plans, and even cell phones, which would be the best choice for your communication needs.

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