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Window Tinting Kihei HI

Local resource for window tinting in Kihei. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to window contractors and window treatments, as well as advice and content on window tints.

Skyshades Hawaii
(808) 879-9600
685 Kumulani Dr
Kihei, HI
Maui Screen LLC
(808) 874-0832
300 Ohukai Rd Ste I13
Kihei, HI
Maui Magic Mirror Co
(808) 874-0171
200 Halona St
Kihei, HI
Brothers' Custom Windows & Doors
(808) 875-8700
535 Kohala St
Kihei, HI
Retractable Screens Of Maui
(808) 268-2567
19 Kai Makani Loop
Kihei, HI
Pacific Cabinets & Trim Inc
(808) 874-0380
482 Kalalau Pl
Kihei, HI
Interior Reflections
(808) 879-3095
315 Manini Pl
Kihei, HI
Beaver Interiors Inc
(808) 879-5089
2370 Puu Mala Pl
Kihei, HI
Paradise Mirrors Inc
(808) 244-8751
93 Kahele Pl
Kihei, HI
Island Maintenance
(808) 874-0044
297 Ailana Pl
Kihei, HI

Removing Window Tint

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When old window tint starts to bubble, the glass looks like it has malignant melanoma. Light splotches disbursed over dark tint give the car that urban-beater attitude—whether that's your intent or not.

The typical warranty on window film is two years against cracking, bubbling or delaminating. The tint's adhesive eventually dries out, at which point bubbles start to appear. You may be tempted to try to repair the damage, but one bubble indicates that the glue is nearing the end of its life cycle. Instead, remove all of the film. This will save time and money whether or not you intend to re-tint the glass yourself or take it to a shop.

No special tools or talent are necessary to remove old window film. All you need are a few household items and a sunny day. The operation shown here applies to all tinted windows, particularly ones that have defroster lines, which can be damaged by razor blades. As such, heat and chemicals are the best ways to proceed on this type of glass. This rear-windshield job took about an hour and a half.

Author: Tom Morr

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Replacing Window Door Glass

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Life is full of ups and downs, but—when it comes to your vehicle's windows—that's a very good thing. Unless the glass is altogether gone ...

So, you've noticed your window isn't there anymore, and Mother Nature is being more intimate with you. Maybe your stereo is missing, or pieces of trash are floating in during your commute. You probably need to check out the cost of window glass replacement. I called one auto glass repair business, but didn't like the amount they would charge to fix the problem. A bit more research via the net and I not only got a market price for a replacement window (one-third what the "professional" wanted), but also found a nearby auto-recycling center with one in stock.

Make sure you have a good selection of hand tools, a tarp, a repair manual, and a vacuum. Follow the instructions in your specific repair manual to remove the door panel. You should find a plastic sheet/weather barrier under the panel. Carefully peel this sheet back while avoiding the sticky stuff. Use gloves to remove any hunks of glass that might still be together—window tinting will cause that. Use a shop vacuum to get the rest of the cubits out and carefully dispose in the trash.

Author: Scott Wallace

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